Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open Letter To Mr.Rhymeweaver

What's Up Bro!

I'm writing/typing far away from where you're staying right now (if I'm not mistaken, you are staying at New Zealand now...am I right?). Although we'd never met before but to tell you the truth, your blog is very inspiring. I'm not a regular 'bloghoppers' but I still remember the first time I visited your blog, your very first article I'd read was about the USB Microphone. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark your page that time and lost the way to find it back.

20th January 2009 (Malaysia Time), I never thought that I will see your page for the second time after err... about 6 months searching. After reading some of your posts, I realized that you already got 3 Mixtapes! That's what I never know about you. Oh mann! I love the tracks! (I assumed that you allowed me to download your mixtapes because you'd put the download links in your site hehehe...). I hardly cannot wait for the 3rd Mixtape since it was just 2 of your mixtapes available for download.

Even though we'd never have a long or even a single chat (forget the words inside our Shout Box heheh...), but your mixtapes explained everything. Combining literature & rap is cool! I hope to listen more from you after this. I just want to tell you that your posts and works really, really inspired me.

I will tell my partner in crime, Mr.Kudique then my RapSouL Brothers Mern, Guy, Cliff & Ekee about your works. I'm sure they will get the inspiration too...

My words for you bro,


Owh... forgot to tell our visitor about your site (sorry bro!haha...). Even though we have a small number of visitors, we're glad to invite all of our visitors to have a look at:



Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

ReubN of T-Street a.k.a fingerstylo

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Sam said...

lolz im speechless. thanks for the blurb mates. really do appreciate it!