Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Good bye Mr.Cliff Hensley!

We would like to inform you guys that one of RapSouL members has passed away. 16th October,2011. Nobody can replace him. What a big lost. We're speechless.

Brother Cliff,
We know you wont surf this blog in heaven. We bet that you're buzy playing other games there. Having fun with Guy. But we just want you to know that we love you and forever will be missing you!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nobody (Cover Version) by RapSouL


Well, for those of you that already watched the Kampong Style video (through Facebook), thanks for your comments & 'Like's and also thank you for sharing the video in your Walls. In other words, THANKS FOR SPREADING THE LOVE!

And now we would like to share with you guys about the story behind the project. Actually, we've never been in studio since 2006! All of us got a job commitment - CARI MAKAN and there's no spaces for us to brainstorm any ideas even a single song. We love to call it "LONG HIBERNATION". But we never stop listening to our favorite songs. Our soul and passion in music keeps alive.


The idea to do a cover song begins with Mern and JC Jane. Just search "Nobody Rainstone Remix" (originally performed by Wondergirls feat. Dynamic Duo, SAN E, J.Y. Park) in YouTube, there are many cover versions from everywhere, entire the world... guessed so. Many different languages. So how about covering it in Malay version?

So for the first time after 4 years, RapSouL members reunite to record the cover song - 16th May,2010. The Malay version lyrics were written by RapSouL but still using the same Rainstone Remix instrumental. While recording the rap parts and vocals track, Georgie @ Joji was appointed to shoot the Kampong Video-oh-ow. The recording was done at Mern Studio, Petagas. Some of the video parts were taken at somewhere in KK City.

After that, Mern took about 2 weeks to mix & master the recorded tracks and video (his very first time attempt to edit a video!). Then, the final stage is... to upload it through the INTERNET! Facebook and YouTube! Yeah!

Mr.Kudique a.k.a MC Roll'N (1st Verse)
Cliff a.k.a CINCAI (2nd Verse)
Ekee a.k.a Tukee (3rd Verse)
ReubN (Chorus - Maybe his tongue got problem to pronounce English words correctly, orang DUSUN melulu! OR the listeners ears got problem? He he he...)
Mern (Bridge)


Thank You GOD for giving us the talent ...

According to the video's ending...

Million thanks to:

Wondergirls & JYP Entertainment for the very wonderful song
JC Jane for the idea & concept
Mern for the great mix & video editing
Georgie @ Joji for the video shoot
Cyril Teo @ Webs for the transportation

According to RapSouL-jah...

Thanks to all of RapSouL members for the lyrics, the voices & the time that y'all dedicated for this project! Tepuk tangan untuk diri sendiri...YEAH! Lepas ini mau lagu apa?

According to this blog...

Uncountable Thanks to friends & family, friends of friend, family of family, "girlfriend(s) & ex-girlfriend(s) or future girlfriend(s)", listeners, music lovers, bloggers, writers, and to all the people that we forgot to mention... you know who you are.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

RapSouL Reunion 2010

Date : 16th May, 2010.
Place : Mern Studio, Petagas.

What is happening?

Ini merupakan kejadian di luar dugaan kami masing-masing. Kami tidak menyangka akan dapat berkumpul sekali lagi untuk merakam sesuatu setelah 4 tahun tanpa material baru. RapSouL berehat panjang untuk beberapa ketika dan perjuangan diteruskan melalui projek mini. Pada tahun 2008, T-Street (Mr.Kudique & ReubN) ditubuhkan dan berjaya menembusi corong radio dengan single English mereka ketika itu dan pernah merancang untuk menyiapkan EP pertama. Walaubagaimanapun, ia tidak semudah itu kerana untuk melibatkan diri dalam industri muzik tempatan, memerlukan komitmen yang tinggi. Projek EP tersebut (yang mengandungi 7 buah lagu) terpaksa ditangguhkan dan akan dikeluarkan apabila tiba masa yang sesuai. Pada tahun 2009, kumpulan KIND (Cliff & Ekee) ditubuhkan untuk membayangi perjalanan T-Street dan mempunyai 3 lagu unreleased. Kedua-dua kumpulan projek ini kembali menyepi kerana masing-masing terikat dengan komitmen kerja.

Sesudah menyepi, timbul rasa rindu untuk berkumpul bersama-sama. Tanpa material baru, RapSouL cuba bersatu berjuang untuk sebuah lagu lagi. Tiada melodi baru, tiada muzik baru. Tanpa membuang masa, RapSouL memulakan langkah dengan memilih sebuah lagu untuk dijadikan cover. Lagu itu cukup terkenal di masa kini. Jika tiada muzik baru, menggunakan lagu yang sedia ada merupakan idea yang bagus. Ia dilakukan untuk tujuan suka-suka sahaja. Tunggulah sehingga rakaman video dan audio dimuatnaik ke ruang internet (YouTube).

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RapSouL Forever...

Taken at the top of Karamunsing Shopping Complex Building - 2006.
(Credit to Mr.Shawn)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kehilangan Besar Yang Tinggi Nilainya...

11 April,2009

Tarikh ini benar-benar meninggalkan kesan yang sangat mendalam buat saudara mara dan teman-teman yang mengenali siapa Syahrul Abdullah @ Paul Valentino atau lebih senang dipanggil GUY. Tarikh inilah di mana GUY telah meninggalkan dunia yang fana ini untuk selama-lamanya. Diiringi tangisan dukacita yang amat sangat, kami terpaksa menerima kenyataan ini. Kami benar-benar merasakan kehilangannya. Arwah merupakan suami, bapa, abang dan sahabat yang terbaik di mata kami semua di sepanjang hayatnya. Rasa sebak yang teramat sangat membuatkan kami tidak tahu hendak bercakap apa lagi...

Pemergiannya pada usia yang muda benar-benar menikam hati kami masing-masing. Selepas ini, kami akan sentiasa merinduinya. Tiada pengganti. Namun akan kami sebut namanya di dalam doa kami setiap hari...

Segala memori bersama dari dahulu hingga kini akan sentiasa terpahat di dalam hati kami masing-masing. Kami akan sentiasa memainkan lagu-lagu kegemaranmu. Malahan lagu-lagu yang pernah kita gubah bersama... akan kami dengar selalu. Semangatmu akan sentiasa bersama kami. Good Bye BRO!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Announcement : T-Street Page


Since we're struggling to promote our new project "T-STREET", we decided to move to a new page that more relevant to the subjected matter. So, feel free to visit


Moving to the new site is the right choice to avoid any confusing things. But, this site is not dead yet. We just want to concentrate on T-Street. Pray for a better day soon!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Open Letter To Mr.Rhymeweaver

What's Up Bro!

I'm writing/typing far away from where you're staying right now (if I'm not mistaken, you are staying at New Zealand now...am I right?). Although we'd never met before but to tell you the truth, your blog is very inspiring. I'm not a regular 'bloghoppers' but I still remember the first time I visited your blog, your very first article I'd read was about the USB Microphone. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark your page that time and lost the way to find it back.

20th January 2009 (Malaysia Time), I never thought that I will see your page for the second time after err... about 6 months searching. After reading some of your posts, I realized that you already got 3 Mixtapes! That's what I never know about you. Oh mann! I love the tracks! (I assumed that you allowed me to download your mixtapes because you'd put the download links in your site hehehe...). I hardly cannot wait for the 3rd Mixtape since it was just 2 of your mixtapes available for download.

Even though we'd never have a long or even a single chat (forget the words inside our Shout Box heheh...), but your mixtapes explained everything. Combining literature & rap is cool! I hope to listen more from you after this. I just want to tell you that your posts and works really, really inspired me.

I will tell my partner in crime, Mr.Kudique then my RapSouL Brothers Mern, Guy, Cliff & Ekee about your works. I'm sure they will get the inspiration too...

My words for you bro,


Owh... forgot to tell our visitor about your site (sorry bro!haha...). Even though we have a small number of visitors, we're glad to invite all of our visitors to have a look at:



Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

ReubN of T-Street a.k.a fingerstylo